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Our vision

Our product line came from the personal motivation to find not only something healthy that you could eat on-the-go, but to source the highest quality ingredients possible to use. We carefully source and select ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

The connection to what you eat, how you feel, and your level of happiness is so important to pay attention to. Not only do we believe in being mindful to the planet by eating a plant-based diet, but we also believe in living mindful everyday with each other and with ourselves.

Fire Energy Booster

An herbal supplement that provides individuals with a natural energy boost on demand.

Vedic’s natural energy supplement is an energy shot that provides clarity and energy you need when you need it.

Accelerates metabolism, enhances performance, improves focus … with no crash!

Fire is a great alternative to caffeine, whether used to start the morning or as a mid day pick me up. It’s safe to use on a daily basis or just when the occasion calls for an energy boost. Ingredients are: ashwaganda, tribulus terrestrius, terminalia Arjuna, and gotu kola.

Our Story

While building a successful medical practice, our founder, Dr Mathur, saw countless patients for whose ailments there were no adequate treatments. She realized the need for natural herbal products to fill this gap in symptomatic therapies for numerous types of illness. Vedic was created to meet the demands of health conscious consumers starving for natural remedies free from the harsh side effects of manufactured pharmaceuticals.

Vedic is a lifestyle company whose goal is to bring daily, time tested Ayurvedic remedies to the masses in an accessible, scientifically tested and efficacious form.

Our line of 100% natural, herbal formulations provide solutions to support one’s evolving health needs.

Vedic’s plant based neutraceuticals are uniquely blended from the purest herbs sourced from around the world to deliver potent therapeutics to the Western world.

Our line of herbal extracts provide specifically formulated solutions to some of the most common health problems in today’s world.

We invite you to try our supplements for a healthier, happier you.

Vedic – Safe Natural Effective

Why Herbal Extracts?

Ayurvedic remedies have been made from indigenous herbs for thousands of years. The ancients found that for just about every ailment, there was an herbal treatment. Herbs contain thousands of compounds, each with its own specific effect.

These compounds work synergistically to produce the overall health benefit. Most western studies haphazardly choose one component of these thousands when attempting to study an herbs efficacy, and then prematurely conclude that the herb has no beneficial impact in various disease entities.

The vast majority of these studies are, surprisingly, sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, who have the most to lose from a return to natural medicine. Even more surprising, many new drugs discovered by Big Pharma are merely iterations of isolated herbal compounds that have been tweaked just enough to give them a patent.

Our founding team at Vedic, while acknowledging the valid place of pharmaceuticals as our primary form of healthcare in the Western world, also acknowledges the vast chasm of unmet health needs that could be bridged with herbal nutraceuticals. We started with crafting Ayurvedic preparations for some of the most common sets of symptoms encountered in healthcare for which there are no real pharmaceutical treatments available.

Vedic developed formulations for specific symptom subsets, based on multiple trials that examine the use of whole herbs versus placebo in comparable patient populations. These problems include respiratory issues such as persistent cough and wheezing, metabolic issues such as unwanted weight gain, and concerns such as chronic fatigue and generalized weakness and malaise.

Our products are concentrated herbal extracts in powder form, encapsulated for ease of use. Herbal blends are extremely concentrated so as to provide the therapeutic amount of each herb without the need to consume large numbers of capsules.

In the Vedic age, air quality was high with few environmental pollutants, so respiratory issues were not as common place as they are today. In the modern world, the general populace is exposed to various environmental irritants on a daily basis, and thus breathing issues abound. Unfortunately, pollution impacts all of the organs, especially the lungs and respiratory tract.
Mindfulness is a recent buzzword meaning sustaining a state of living in the moment and being fully present and aware. However, the concept is an ancient one, rooted in the disciplines of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. This ancient Indian “Science of Life” addresses the entire person, and thus encompasses physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
Turmeric. Though a novelty in the West, many in the East are familiar with this yellow tinged herb. Turmeric has been used for centuries as a cooking spice, and is often seen in its powdered form in many an Indian kitchen. Despite it’s ubiquitous use, many are unaware that this golden powder comes from the root of a plant in the ginger family. Turmeric, like ginger, has numerous medicinal properties.

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