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Fetish - Male Sexual Enhancement

Improves stamina, supports sexual health and the function of the male reproductive organs.

Used for disorders of sexual dysfunction, such as decreased strength of erection, premature ejaculation and decreased libido.

Fetish Male Enhancement Supplement is an herbal supplement that promotes optimal sexual vigor. It combines multiple herbs proven to enhance various aspects of sexual performance, including ability to achieve erection, quality of erection and duration of erection, as well as promoting adequate climax. Fetish is recommended to be used daily to nourish the male sexual organs on an ongoing basis. It may also be used more sporadically, such as during times of stress or anxiety, to help bolster sexual performance. Ingredients include ashwaganda, white and black Musli, mineral pitch, kapukacchu, vidarikand, anarkara, blue skullcap.

Ashwaganda (Withania somnifera) – enhances sexual function by stimulating DHEA production.

Safed Musli (Chlorophytum laxum/tuberosum/borivillanum) – this Ayurvedic herb is said to work by increasing nitric oxide levels, which increases blood flow to the penis, thus acting as a potent erectogenic. This is helpful for those who experience erectile dysfunction

Kapikacchu (Mucuna pruriens) – this is used in Ayurveda to increase sperm count and sperm motility

Shilajit (mineral pitch or Asphaltum punjabinum) – this Ayurvedic herb has tonic, rejuvenative properties and serves to strengthen the penis and strengthen erections,

Vidarikanda (Pueraria tuberosa) – this herb is used in Ayurveda to increase circulation to the male reproductive organs, increase semen production and strengthen erections, for improved quality and duration.

Black Musli (Curculigo orchioides) - is a potent adaptive, often used as an aphrodisiac in the East, as well as to treat impotence in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

Bryonia laciniosa (Diplocycles palmatus) - animal studies have shown that this herb may increase the release of LH (luteinizing hormone), which functions to increase testosterone production. It is thought to increase masculinity.

Anarkara (Anacyclus pyrethrum) - this herb is thought to regulate the male sexual organs, thereby stimulating libido and sexual pleasure.

blue skullcap (scutellaria lateriflora) - May help with relaxation

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The safety of these supplements has not been tested in pregnant or breastfeeding women as well as in young children.

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